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You Should Probably Play This: HYPERBURNER

Like many people across the Internet, I was incredibly disappointed when No Man’s Sky was pushed back from its original release date (yesterday) to a date later this Summer (August 9).

In turn, I’ve got quite the space-exploration itch to scratch.  If the logo of this site isn’t any indication, I love spaceships, especially old school, “Enter the World of Wonder!” styled sci-fi.

While it doesn’t quite have the strange-man-in-a-strange-world feel, the new iOS title Hyperburner is helping put salve on the open wound while I wait for No Man’s Sky.

Hyperburner, designed by Patrick Cook, is a new game designed for mobile devices and PC that is a “fast-paced space flier”, it’s sort of a Temple Run, only with cool spaceships and a beautiful, clean and colorful visual style.

Here, maybe this trailer helps:

What that trailer does not show, is the really great control scheme.

Essentially, you keep your thumb on the screen, sliding to guide the ship – but if you remove your thumb, the game will automatically pause.

I’m a few levels in, and not only is this game super enjoyable, but the auto-pause feature is EXTREMELY helpful.

I can’t recommend this game enough for a taste of fast-paced space adventure. It’s exactly what a mobile title needs to be. And best of all? It’s In-App Purchase free. Spend your $2.99, and that’s it.

Hyperburner is available now on iOS, and will be available soon for Android and PC.