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DC’s ‘Booster Gold’ Getting His Own Movie?

Hey, not everything that comes out of the current run of the DC Comics films may be awful!

Perhaps it’s a direct response to the world’s reaction to Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman, but rumor now is that fun-loving DC Comics time traveler Booster Gold may be getting a solo movie.

The report comes from Devin Faraci at Birth. Movies. Death., who is once again putting himself in the cross-hairs of DC Comics movie fans by sharing:

Warner Bros is developing another movie that definitely doesn’t fit into the tone of the DC Movieverse as established: Booster Gold.

Zack Stentz, who has credits on movies like Thor, the new Power Rangers and Agent Cody Banks, is working on the script right now. I had heard that Greg Berlanti, the guy who runs the (tonally correct) DC TVverse is producing, and a recent appearance by Stentz on the “Fatman on Batman” podcast bears this out.

You can read more of the details there, which comes from (of all sources) a Kevin Smith podcast.

This isn’t the first time a Booster Gold movie has been rumored – last year, word was that Arrow/The Flash producer Greg Berlanti was trying to work out a buddy-cop movie with Booster Gold and his standard counterpart Blue Beetle – but hopefully, the sun will shine on this opportunity, and the DC Movie Universe (or DC Extended Universe, as they’re now calling it) will start to shine bright.

What can I say? I really want both major comic universes to start shining bright on the big screen.

More as we have it.