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KICKSTART THIS!: ‘Mana War’ – A Deceptively Simple Fantasy Card Game

Believe it or not, for as much of a nerd as I am, I never really got into the role-playing world of Dungeons & Dragons, or the card collecting bonanza of Magic: The Gathering.

While I love to read, watch, and play through stories of mystical worlds and incredible powers, when it comes to these two staples of the fantasy fandom, I found the gameplay difficult, intense, and far more in-depth than I was willing to partake in.

That’s where Mana War comes in.

Currently being Kickstarted, Mana War is a deceptively simple card game. Very akin to a deck of basic playing cards, Mana War simplifies the concepts of fantasy into five basic suits – Sun, Water, Fire, Rock, and Leaf – with 10 of each. The card set then comes with directions for four, easy, pick up and play card games, which you can then play with groups as small as two, or as many as six players.

This is where Mana War is such a clever game. In my time with a pre-release copy of the card set, the most seasoned and least traveled of game players were at an equal playing field – giving the fantasy feel for veterans of countless board and card games, while providing an open accessibility to those newer to the ever addicting world of traditional games.

Further more, with such a simple deck of cards, Mana War is designed to be used in countless house games, or perhaps as a nice addition to your current role playing games.

The KickStarter itself runs through November 19th, 2015, and a copy of the game can be backed for as little as $10. If you’re looking for a unique card set to spice up your game night, Mana War is the way to go.

NOTE: A pre-release copy of the game was provided for this write up.