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Daily Blast: September 4, 2014


Hello and welcome to your Thursday edition of the Daily Blast, the best roundup of all the nerdy news you need to know on the net!

In today’s edition:

  • Smartphones abound!
  • Shazam! is go!
  • Superhero amusement park rides!
  • Japanese robots akimbo!

At the top of the post: High-quality images of the forthcoming LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Slave 1, from Star Wars, have surfaced.


– It’s on, folks! Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he will be the villain Black Adam in Warner Bros. forthcoming Shazam! movie. The twist? It apparently won’t be a part of the forthcoming DC Movie Universe.


– While Labor Day did not meet the quality of the rest of his films, I’m sure hoping that Jason Reitman’s Men, Women & Children turns out as good as it’s trailer did. At least it’s new poster (above) is pretty well done.


– Margot Robbie, from The Wolf of Wall Street – which I still need to see – is currently in talks to star in the forthcoming film version of Ghost in the Shell.

– We get more Baymax fun in this new clip from Big Hero 6.


– What’s weirder: That WB has green lit a CHiPS movie, or that Dax Shepard is the one writing, directing and starring in it?


– The trailer for Angry Birds Transformers is as amazing as the idea is awful on paper.

– Buying Destiny for your PS4? Me too! Here’s what we get exclusively.


The 5th expansion of the glorious card game Cards Against Humanity has arrived!



Samsung announced a bunch of new phones, tablets and smartwatches yesterday, including the absolutely surreal Galaxy Note Edge, which has a touchscreen that continues onto the side of the phablet.


– Sony also unveiled quite a few new devices yesterday, including their new flagship phone, the Xperia Z3, which includes PlayStation remote play. Wow.



– A 4D Batman Roller Coaster and an interactive Justice League ride are coming to Six Flags parks in Texas and St. Louis. I really need to get out to a theme park, it’s been too long.


– Deadpool will be photobombing classic comic covers in Marvel’s latest batch of 75th Anniversary variant editions.



– Bandai is celebrating 40 years of die-cast robots with their 40th Anniversary Robot line, including Mazinger ZAphrodite A, and Voltes V.


– Hong Kong high-end figure designers threezero is teasing an amazing looking figure of Ned Stark from Game of Thrones.



– The special edition of Aphex Twin’s new album Syro is pricey – over $400 – but damn if it isn’t pretty.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow for your Friday Daily Blast!

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  1. seandehey seandehey September 4, 2014

    shazam not in dccu – why bother then?

    white motoko kusanagi – NO

    samsung edge – YES

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