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Daily Blast: August 29, 2014


Holy crap, you guys. Remember when I complained about the seeming lack of news earlier this week?

Apparently Thursday was the dumping grounds, as I have a LOT of stuff for you today.

In your week ending edition of the Daily Blast, get ready for…

  • Trailers for Oscar hopefuls!
  • A look at Pixar’s next short!
  • A scary action figure!
  • The Doctor’s new companion!
  • A poop joke to send us off!

Click through! Read! Take in! And enjoy!

At the top of the post: That awesome Batman poster for New York Comic Con this year comes from the pen of Francis Manapul, the current artist (and co-writer) ruling it on Detective Comics right now. The New York Post has more.


– Fresh off of the film’s very well regarded Venice Film Festival debut, the first trailer for Jon Stewart’s directorial debut, Rosewater has hit the web. This looks DAMN good.

– Speaking of films that look DAMN GOOD, here’s the latest teaser trailer for Foxcatcher, starring Steve Carell and Channing Tatum.


– So, Saw is 10 years old? Great, I’m closer to death than I thought. To celebrate – there will be a special Halloween re-release of the first film in theaters. If that’s your thing.

– Pixar’s next short – premiering in front of screenings of Inside Out – is Lava, the story of a singing volcano. Yahoo! got an exclusive clip, and it looks absolutely delightful.

– A new trailer for Harmontown, the documentary about the tour of the podcast hosted by the Community and Rick and Morty creator, Dan Harmon, has hit the web.

– By the time Seventh Son hits theaters in February 2015, it will be on its third release date, having been pushed back multiple times since it completed filming in 2012. It looks awful.


– Interesting – some theaters will be showing a unique, panoramic projected version of The Maze Runner when it hits theaters on September 19th.


Doctor Who

– Starting next week, Doctor Who has another companion – Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson), a fellow teacher/boyfriend of current companion Clara Oswald.


– For a reason I’m not entirely sure of, Netflix has acquired exclusive streaming rights for The Blacklist for $2 Million an episode. I really didn’t get into the show, but clearly they see something I don’t.

– Weirdly enough, Jimmy Kimmel Live! was host to a Friends reunion on Wednesday night. I’m not ashamed to admit how often the Super Art Fight crew watches Friends on the road.


– HBO will be airing a documentary on street artist Banksy’s surprise NYC residency last year.



– No word on a US release, but GAME and Nintendo’s UK Store will both be featuring exclusive Steelbook editions of Pokemon Alpha & Omega, when the game releases in November.

– Sure, SquareEnix says that Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix has upgrades and improvements, but what’s really different? Let them show you in this new trailer.


– I’m digging the new cover art for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.


– Naughty Dog – creators of Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, and The Last of Us, have some REALLY awesome swag for sale this weekend at PAX Prime 2014.


– Harmonix, they of Rock Band fame, have returned with a surprise new musical/shooter hybrid called A City Sleeps. Looks really awesome!


– Assassin’s Creed Unity – the PS4/Xbox One AssCreed game – has been pushed to a November 11th release. Still no female characters.


– The beautiful – and one time Xbox 360 exclusive – 2D indie platformer Dust: An Elysian Tail is coming to the PS4.


– The classic arcade shooter Metal Slug 3 is making its way to the PS4, PS3 and Vita.



– Batten down the hatches! Apple has announced a September 9th Special Event. Rumors of what will be unveiled include the final release dates of OSX Yosemite, iOS 8, the unveiling of the iPhone 6, the reveal of their wearable device, and ROBO STEVE JOBS.



– On one hand, the Marvel Famous Firsts: 75th Anniversary Masterworks Slipcase Set is around $500. On the other, it’s FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. Worth it.


– Wasting zero time with their new Star Wars license, Marvel has officially announced an oversized collection, titled Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire, the first of sure to be MANY volumes collecting Dark Horse’s comics from the past few decades.


– We got a little more info on Japanese Batman, who we mentioned yesterday – turns out he’s a 41 year old welder by day, and he drives to work while dressed as Batman. I have to step up my commute.


– Writer Matt Fraction’s new Image Comics book Ody-C, a gender swapped version of The Odyssey, with art by Christian Ward has an amazing looking prologue posted online.


– Comic Book Resources got a look at more of Marvel’s action figure cover variants for the month of October.



– Be scared – GoodSmile has announced their next video game-based figma…Pyramid Head, from Silent Hill.


– As is now becoming standard, Funko Pop! Vinyl figures for Big Hero 6 will be available this October, just ahead of the film’s November release. Honestly though, I think they lost something in Baymax’s design, as they “Popped” it.



– You know what Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza has been missing? Bacon.


– If you’ve ever wanted to make ice cream via a Kickball game – NOW IS THE TIME!


– Hershey’s new logo looks like it’s got poop on it.

That’s it for today! See you on Monday!