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Daily Blast: August 26, 2014


Hola! A very happy Tuesday to you! And we continue our week here with the most important of daily columns, the one and only Daily Blast, a distillation of all the nerdy news bits you may need to know!

On tap today: A spoliery new Guardians of the Galaxy toy, cats running a restaurant, JK Simmons yelling, and Amazon bought something that Google wanted.

All that and more – in today’s Daily Blast!

At the top of the post: Looks like Jeremy Renner may return as Hawkeye in Captain America 3


– This new international trailer for Whiplash showcases a bit more of the extremes that JK Simmons goes to as a drum teacher. I’m very excited for this movie.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead is set to star in Bad Robot’s next big film, The says that the movie is “about woman who wakes up underground after a terrible car accident and fears she’s been abducted. Her captor, a doomsday prepper, warns her that a terrible chemical attack has left the outside world uninhabitable but as tensions rise she decides she must escape regardless of the terrors that await outside.” Sounds pretty rad, right? This also serves as the debut feature from Dan Trachtenberg, whom you may remember as a part of the Totally Rad Show.


– It’s never hit the quality of his prior shows, but maybe – just maybe – The Newsroom will be pretty good in its third and final season this fall, as teased above in this new ad.


A whole bunch of Paramount films may be making the jump to television, including an HBO series based on Shutter Island (which I hated, but many people enjoyed), and series based on the films GhostNarc, and most excitingly – The Truman Show.



There’s been a HUGE leak of Super Smash Bros information, and it includes a reveal of the entire roster for the forthcoming 3DS/Wii U title.



– Despite rumors that Google would be purchasing the video game streaming giant, Amazon has announced their purchase of Twitch – to the tune of $970 Million.



– Picking up where the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe left off (seriously, why isn’t that an iPad app?), this great Superhero Height Chart from answers the debate of who the tallest and the smallest is in the Marvel U. [Click to enlarge!]



– Marvel Select has released a surprise Spider-Man vs. Electro action figure two-pack. This is mostly worth referencing, as the Electro featured is the old school comic version, and it looks awesome!


– Funko, by way of Marvel’s social media maven, Ryan Penagos has announced a Pop! Vinyl figure of Howard the Duck. Which has NOTHING to do with the post-credit’s scene from Guardians of the Galaxy, no sir!


Funko also announced a continuation of their mystery minis line, with a new Science Fiction line, including characters such as Rocketeer, Predator, ET and more!



– This one is going to get confusing – Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López, formally both of At the Drive-In and The Mars Volta, have a new band, called Antemasque. Their album drops this October. That said, it includes Flea and Dave Elitch—both of whom played with The Mars Volta – but this is NOT The Mars Volta. They swear. Hopefully, it’s better than the past few Mars Volta records.


– Pizza Hut Japan has either lost it, or are a bunch of geniuses. They’ve launched Pizza Cat a (not) real restaurant completely staffed by kitties!

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow!