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Daily Blast: July 8th, 2014


Hello and happy Tuesday to you, dear readers!

I hope things are good where you are, but even if they’re not – don’t worry! IT’S TIME FOR YOUR DAILY BLAST!

What’s on the docket today? More Guardians of the Galaxy footage, Destiny gets a special edition or two, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get their own pizzas.


At the top of the post: NYC’s One-Shot Gallery is currently featuring an art show, “From Spawn to Saga” paying tribute to Image Comics. The above piece by Alex Leighton is one of my favorites, but you can view the whole show here.


– I’m set and don’t need to see any more footage myself, but if you’re interested, Fandango has an exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, featuring a boatload of new scenes.


AMC Theaters has announced a $600 Million plan to renovate their movie theaters. The main goal? Replace existing seats with recliners. Expect to see a small increase in ticket prices to cover this change.


Fox has teamed with Hero Complex Gallery to release a special print for this weekend’s release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It’s on sale now.


– The Walking Dead returns to AMC this October, and of course, you can’t just premiere a show – you need a teaser trailer! Here’s the first for the new season of the zombie filled series.


– Superman Returns lead Brandon Routh will be joining the cast of Arrow this season, as classic DC hero The Atom.


– While it doesn’t premiere until July 23rd, Comedy Central is streaming the first episode of their new standup series The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail for free on both their website and via Amazon. Check it out, it’s a very fun show based on a great Los Angeles-based standup show.



Bungie has taken the veil off of the special edition releases of Destiny, with the ultra limited Ghost edition (pictured above) already having sold out on Crazy.


– If GameStop wasn’t irritating enough, apparently they now want to get involved with the development of games, including retailer exclusive content, as opposed to add-ons.



–’s Poster Posse has done it again, celebrating Batman’s 75th Anniversary in style with some beautiful new artwork commemorating the Dark Knight’s birthday.


– In a bold move, Image Comics has announced that the next edition of their Image Expo series (think fan convention meets Apple keynote for comics) will take place on Wednesday, July 23rd in San Diego, just hours before San Diego Comic Con kicks off.


– Dark Horse Comics is already announcing their SDCC 2014 news, starting with a new creator-owned series by Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth). Working with artist Dean Ormston, you can expect the superhero deconstructing series The Black Hammer in March 2015.



Square Enix has revealed the finished versions of the first two figures in their Injustice line, Batman and Joker. They’re lookin’ pretty good!


Big Chief Studios has announced a 1:6 scale figure of the first incarnation of Doctor Who.


Pizza Hut And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

– As a part of a Ninja Turtles promotion, Pizza Hut is not only bringing back the Cheesy Bites Pizza, but they’ve also created a secret menu of TMNT-based pizza pies.

That’s all for your Tuesday Daily Blast. Now go and have a great day, OK?