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Daily Blast: July 2nd, 2014


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

It’s time once again for a jam-packed bit of Daily Blast goodness, with writer news, SDCC exclusives, and probably the worst sounding chip flavor I’ve ever encountered.

Start the middle of your week right – GET TO READING!

At the top of the post: One of the greatest video games ever (IMO), Okami will be getting some beautiful, limited run art prints by Dutch art dealership Cook & Becker.



This first look at Christian Bale as Moses in Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings looks SUPER bad-ass.


– Universal Pictures will be releasing the Steven Spielberg Directors Collection Blu-Ray box set on October 14. This will include the first HD editions of Duel1941, The Sugarland Express and Always. You can pre-order it now from


– Get stoked, horror nerds! Scream! Factory will release the director’s cut of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed this October.

– Bill Murray makes for a terrible baby sitter in this first trailer for St. Vincent. Melissa McCarthy also stars.


Jonathan Lemkin (Shooter) has signed on to write GI Joe 3, which is expected to revolve around Dwayne Johnson’s character Roadblock.

– From the sequels we didn’t need department, here’s the first teaser trailer for Horrible Bosses 2, the sequel to the “OK-but-not-great” Horrible Bosses. Get that sequel money, Charlie Day.


– Seven years after the release of the first, Disney has assigned writers to Enchanted 2.



– After a false start with HBO, Neil Gaiman is now working with Starz to produce a television adaptation of American Gods.


– Devon Aoki (Sin City) will join the cast of Arrow this season, as the DC Comics heroine Katana.



– Multiplayer alien shooter Evolve walked away as the “Best of Show” winner for the 2014 E3, as voted on by the gaming press.


John Cena will be the cover star of WWE 2K15, which will also be one of the first instances used of the new WWE logo (found on their streaming network).



BOOM! Comics has announced a slue of SDCC 2014 exclusives, including a hardcover of Marceline and the Scream Queens.

– Fox’s ADHD group has released a video featuring a more factually-accurate version of Captain America. Hint: we’re awful.



– NECA’s releasing an incredible figure of the Queen Alien from Aliens this October.


– Walgreens snags another exclusive action figure – this time, Prototype Boba Fett from the Star Wars Black line.


– Funko/Super7’s ReAction Figure line will grow to include Horror Classics characters in August. I love how these turned out.


– Speaking of Funko/Super7’x ReAction line, Action Figure Insider got an exclusive early reveal of one of their SDCC 2014 exclusives, the Alien Deep Space mystery figure! (The figure is hidden inside the egg.)


– One more SDCC/Alien related bit – Gentle Giant will have an exclusive, glow-in-the-dark jumbo Alien at the show.



– “Weird” Al Yankovic will be releasing eight new music videos, over eight straight days, starting July 14, to promote his new album Mandatory Fun, dropping July 15.



– Atari has ported over three of its classic games as a part of a Denny’s promotion. You can play Hashteroids, Take-out and Centi-Pup in Denny’s mobile app. They have one of those?


– Just like that gross kid in the cafeteria at school, Lay’s Spain has mixed up Ketchup and Mayonnaise for a new Potato Chip flavor.


– Carvel has teamed up with Nutella for some amazing sounding ice cream treats.

That’s all for today! See you tomorrow with more awesome!

One Comment

  1. seandehey seandehey July 2, 2014

    i stopped caring about exodus when they cast xtian bale as moses and joel edgerton as rhamses. i started caring again but not in a good way when they //whitewashed the fucking sphinx// to look like the white australian dude they cast as rhamses the egyptian pharaoh.

    ridley scott had the chance here to do the story of moses as a historically faithful modern period piece, but instead he’s taking cues from a 1950s charleton heston movie, and as far as ‘not blatantly whitewashing history’ he’s being put to fucking shame by a dreamworks cartoon from 1998.

    like he’s not just taking steps backwards from where prince of egypt took us sixteen years ago, he’s actually pulling a star trek into darkness – by replacing yul brynner with uncle owen from the star wars prequels he’s saying that representation matters even less today than it did sixty years ago.

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