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Angry Birds Star Wars II To Take On The Prequels & Your Wallet in September

Surprise surprise, the super popular Angry Birds franchise continues on with a sequel to the mega popular Star Wars released last year in the appropriately titled Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Taking on the prequel trilogy, the game which will presumably become available for every single device you’ve ever owned on its release date of September 19th.  This time you can play as both the light side AND the dark side of the force (yes, you can play as the pigs), and in a move which is either infuriating or genius, the game will feature a metric ton of unlockable characters.  The characters will be unlocked Skylanders or Disney Infinity style, as you will have to go out and buy the related action figures to obtain them in game.

No word on if the game will feature alternate ways to unlock all of the characters, such as actually playing through the game, or via in-app purchase, but I feel like this is designed just to get you to buy loads of toys.  And you will. Admit it.

Check out the trailer below.