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The Final, Great & Powerful Push for OZ Is Upon Us!

One week from today, Sam Raimi’s much anticipated Oz The Great and Powerful hits theaters.  Starring James Franco as the titular “wizard”, the Wizard of Oz prequel has been getting great buzz, including some very strong early reviews, and to insure your butt in the seat, Disney has pushed out one last trailer for the flick, which you can see below.

While it runs just about a minute and a half, there is some new footage and promises flying monkeys, crazy plants, lions, all sorts of nutty special effects.

If that wasn’t enough, Disney also gave The Nerdist an exclusive reveal of the IMAX 12:01 poster for the film (at the top of the post). Once again, IMAX is pushing the Midnight release hard, promising an exclusive poster for those who come out early for the large screen format.  While not as artsy as some of the other prints released for IMAX screenings, it certainly is tasteful.

So, has the marketing worked for you? Will you be seeing Oz next weekend?

Oz The Great and Powerful hits theaters on March 8th, 2013.