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Bungie Unwraps Their DESTINY

Despite a number of high profile leaks (including mentions in the Activision Call of Duty lawsuit and a big leak of concept art to IGN), fans have been chomping at the bit for Bungie to finally unveil their big Halo follow up – Destiny.

And this past weekend – they did. Sort of. While the press event seemed to be little more than a tease of future previews of the game, the remarkable and gutsy scale of the project came through.

Designed as a first person shooter, but one with a persistent online world – yet not an MMO or multiplayer game – it’s looking to revolutionize how we game socially – mixing the world of single player and multiplayer games in a way never seen before.  Ultimately, it’s a project better explained by the creators, so appropriately, Bungie has released the first edition of an ongoing documentary about the game – and we have it for you here.

As someone who isn’t really into FPSes, I’m really surprised by how interested I am in this game. Perhaps it’s the art style, perhaps it’s the scale and scope – but either way, Destiny is a project I will keep my eyes on.

Destiny is set for a future Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release.