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A License To Print Money: Disney Infinity REVEALED!

Last month, we had our first details at the long in gestation Disney Infinity project. Today, it was officially revealed at the El Capitan Theatre by Pixar head John Lassiter, and it represents a very major undertaking in both collectible toys and gaming from the classic House of Mouse.

Sort of a Disney/Pixar based version of SkylandersDisney Infinity allows gamers to purchase the game, and import characters and worlds from NFC supported action figures and playsets.  Want to unlock Mr. Incredible? Buy the figure. Want the world of Monsters Inc.? Get the playset and scan it.  However, this allows for a near infinite replay value, as with an additional mode called The Toy Box, gamers can mix and match levels and characters from the entire library of Disney projects.  This trailer should help explain things.

What also makes this game so interesting is the incredible complexity of the Toy Box mode, which allows you to create and share levels, a’la Little Big Planet or Minecraft.

Set to launch this June with sets based on The IncrediblesMonsters Inc. and Pirates of the Carribean, the games developers intend to launch the game with a wide variety of figures, playsets and “power discs” (cheaper character add-ons and power ups) available for sale.  Launching for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, this is clearly going to be costly – a starter set will run $75, with figure 3 packs at $10, playsets at $35 and power disc packs running $5, but if it all works as stated, this could become the greatest licensed gaming initiative yet released – and, as said in the headline, a license to print money.