Sing, RahXephon! Pre-Order Your Forbidden Song!

Import toys are a funky hobby. When you’re used to hitting Target for a $12 transformer, it can be a little rough to find out that you’re starting at $40 for comparable goods. I try not to tease you guys with the stuff that’s just unreasonably priced – there’s a lot of neat stuff out there, but if it’s $500, you already knew about it if you were the person willing to shell out for it. I try not to think about anything that’s over $100 shipped because frankly that sort of spending can get real risky, real fast.

Here’s a line rider that I’m going to make an exception for – the first piece of quality merchandise for one of my favorite animes, RahXephon. Following the trend of my 2012 year end review, here’s a show that had to wait a full decade to finally get the figure that the titular robot deserved. Bandai released a lackluster kit for it that was immediately discontinued, and a small-run garage kit of Reika Mishima was released, but… that was it, other than some nice art books and two small, rubbery gashapon figures from the Super Robot Wars lineup – not even capsule toys of the main cast!


This piece looks gorgeous. Now the bad news. You’re looking at $130 shipped for a 6″ figure, and there isn’t really an extensive line to reassure you on production quality. Megahouse‘s Variable Action Figure line has some notable pieces in it, but if the regular VAF line is like an S.H. Figuarts, this Hi-Spec variation is closer to a Super Robot Chogokin – and the only other figure released in it so far was last year’s Guren Type-02 from Code Geass. That figure came out very well and was basically put as being completely on par with SRC figures, but at twice the cost.

Still, that figure never went on clearance, and let’s face it: you’re not getting a better option for a RahXephon, ever. If someone like Studio Half-Eye picked it up, you’d be adding another 0 to the price tag and regretting not getting this. So if you’re a fan of the show or a fan of the design? I gotta tell ya, this is how you’ll feel if you pass this up.

Have we wronged you in some way, Japan?
Wasn’t Grave of the Fireflies enough, Japan?

Pre-order at Ami-Ami here for a late May release, and comment below about how RahXephon tried to hard to be like Evangelion by having arms and legs!