SKYFALL Update: Sweet New Poster, And It Looks Like We Have A Theme Song!

After four long years, we’re finally getting the return of Daniel Craig as James Bond in this November’s Skyfall.

I’ve been super excited since the first trailer released for the film, and my excitement is maintained by the new poster released earlier this week.

Seen at the top of this post, it’s a unique composition for the poster, giving the credits at the top, and tossing Craig (along with the iconic 007 logo) to the bottom, while in the middle of a firefight. I really like it, if only for the choice of layout, which is sure to allow it to stand out among most posters at your local multiplex.

If that wasn’t enough cool Skyfall stuff for the week, word via Showbiz411 has come that the theme song for the film (titled, naturally, “Skyfall”) has been performed by British songstress Adele.  Thus far, the Craig Bond films have had fantastic theme songs, and I don’t foresee this letting anyone down. Adele’s classic vocals will undoubtably mix perfectly with the throwback vibe of James Bond films, making the series 3 for 3 on opening tunes. Of course, once it gets released, we’ll be sure to feature it here.