Mike D, Beastie Boy, Wallpaper Designer

Mike D, Beastie Boy, has teamed with Revolver New York to create wallpaper. The collaboration is with the assistance of Flavor Paper and Vincent J. Ficarra.

Wallpaper! The Brooklyn Toile is toile-style, meaning it invokes the Irish-produced mid-18th century wallpaper we associate with Britain and France. Toile usually features pastoral scenes; Mike D’s paper features scenes from Kings County, Brooklyn: stroller-pushing moms of Park Slope, the Notorious B.I.G., Coney Island’s Cyclone roller coaster and Nathan’s hot dogs, Hasidic Jewish men, the Brooklyn Bridge, and elevated subway tracks. Of the design, Revolver says, “The pattern reveals elements and vignettes that make up the truth about Brooklyn.”

Available in “Diamond Red” and Porcelain Blue on Silk Canvas, the paper is $8-$9 per square foot. Superfans can order samples for $2.

Source: Brooklyn Magazine