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The Most Adorable Chris Nolan Batmen EVER – Hot Toys Cosbaby

While I most routinely feature the hyper detailed 1:6 scale figures from Hot Toys, it pays to remember that the Hong Kong based toy company can get adorable, too.  In fact, they have an entire line for it, called Cosbaby. (You might remember their awesome Iron Man figures from being featured here in the past.)

So when you think adorable, you immediately think of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, right?

No? Well, you’re going to, as Hot Toys has announced a line of Batman Cosbabys, commemorating the entire Nolan Batman Trilogy.

2005’s Batman Begins is represented with Bruce Wayne in his proto-suit, a Begins Era Batman, and Scarecrow. 2008’s The Dark Knight has figures of Batman and Joker (in both standard and bank robber formats), and finally, this year’s The Dark Knight Rises is showcased with, appropriately, figures for Bane, Catwoman and Batman.  And have they EVER been cuter?

There is no announced release date or price for these figures as of yet, but I’d imagine you can start checking your favorite import figure sites now, they’re bound to make their way to these shores soon.