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They’ll Make ANYTHING A TV Show – SCREAM Coming To MTV

I guess a horse isn’t really considered dead until you start beating it repeatedly.

After Scream 4 brought back the franchise to mostly indifference and only $38 mil in box office revenue, the team at MTV is now looking into launching a TV series based off the slasher saga.

No word on plot or anything, but I really think the only way that this could work is short, BBC styled seasons, where you spread out the mystery over say, eight episodes.

Then again, I really thought their repurposing Teen Wolf was an awful idea, and that’s on its second season, so maybe they know something I don’t.

No word on any involvement of the original creators Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson, or of any of the series’s many many cast members.

Source: TVLine.

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  1. rob1243 rob1243 June 26, 2012

    teen wolf was a great idea its all about romance a little of killing and mystery

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