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You Know What Your Chest Needs? An Anatomical Guide To The Xenomorph!

On June 8th, Prometheus hits theaters.  Sure, it’s not “officially” an Alien film, but anyone worth their weight in nerd gold knows that the flick is definitely connected to the Xenomorph saga.

So what if you’re going to a midnight show, and want to be the coolest dude in the audience? Well, you need an awesome t-shirt.

That’s where artist Brad McGinty comes in.  He’s designed the super cool t-shirt above, a pop-art tear down of the infamous double mouthed alien that’s given nightmares to fans for decades.

The shirt can be yours by ordering at the source link below, but act fast – the shirts are only available for order through Friday, May 11th. He promises to have them printed and shipped to you in time for the June 8th premiere! GO GET ONE!

Source: Paper Pusher.