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INCREDIBLES 2 Development Art? Sort Of…

Lets start this post by making something VERY VERY clear.

The Incredibles 2 is NOT in development. Other Pixar sequels are (like the new Monster’s Inc. and a rumored Toy Story 4), but The Incredibles 2 is NOT.

That said, a very talented artist from the Netherlands, Edwin Rhemrev, decided to take a stab at some development art for what might be if Brad Bird and Pixar decide to give the classic CG superhero family tale a second go around.

Personally, I absolutely LOVE the look of this art, and feel like that if Pixar isn’t looking into a second Incredibles film, that someone should hire Edwin Rhemrev to start visualizing for another film, because he has an eye and a half.

Now I’m going to be stuck in “What If” mode for the rest of the night. I’ve included a full gallery of his art in this post, but be sure to pop over to Edwin’s site and tell him how cool this looks.


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