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Mondo & Adventure Time: ROUND 2!

I have to admit, I was quite late to the Adventure Time game. Have you seen it? No? You haven’t? Go ahead.

I’ll wait.

How great was that? Adventure Time is seriously one of the most fun cartoons on television today, and it’s doing a great job of melting the brains of kids and adults alike.

The awesome people at Mondo had released a print for the series over Thanksgiving, and now they’re back with a new release of a print set by the incredibly talented Becky Dreistadt.

Due to hit on Friday, January 13th, this set, called the Finn + Fiona Set features a print of Finn with Lady Rainicorn and Jake (at the top of the post) and also a print of Fiona with Lord Monochromicorn and Cake (below).

This set of 2 18″x24″ prints will be available for $75, limited to 185 sets total. Stay tuned to Mondo’s Twitter for when the release drops.

Source: Adventure Time Art.

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  1. Adventure time lover Adventure time lover January 13, 2012

    Sold out in 6 minutes flat. Luckily I got a pair /happydance!

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