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Madman’s Turning 20, And He’s Throwing A Giant Indie Comics Party!

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One of the best, and well, to use their term – ginchiest indie comics in the world is Michael Allred’s Madman.

And for those of us who first read about Madman in the back of Wizard or on the early days of the web – get ready to feel old, as this year Madman turns twenty.

To celebrate, Image Comics is releasing the Madman 20th Anniversary Monster, a massive 11″x17″ hardcover featuring awesome tribute work from talents as diverse as Darwyn Cooke, Jeff Smith, David Mack and Craig Thompson, amongst many others.  But one piece in particular I wanted to share, the above pinup by artist Michel Fiffe.

Michel went all out with his piece, which is inked by Michael Allred and colored by Michael’s wife Laura Allred.  He threw together a gigantic jam image featuring dozens of characters from the world of indie comics, and it is simply awesome – I just had to share this one with you.

Top to bottom, this piece is filled with indie comic history – characters such as Spawn, Scott Pilgrim, Fone Bone, Hellboy, the Big Guy & Rusty – you could play 90’s comic bingo with this for HOURS. Really a fantastic piece.  Click it above for a larger version, and get ready to lose yourself in it for a few hours.

The Madman 20th Anniversary Monster! hits shelves on December 28th.

Source: Fiffe’s Blog.