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An All SIMPSONS TV Network? It Could Happen…

It looks like that the longest running prime time animated series of all time may also be the first to spawn it’s own television network.  That’s right, gang, we could see a cable network made up of nothing but episodes of The Simpsons.

I know, I know, you’re already sold on the idea, but let’s hold off on fantasizing, as this is just a potential idea.

News Corp. Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey hinted at such an idea at the the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media Communications & Entertainment Conference in Beverly Hills earlier this week.

Personally, I think they might just be smarter to start a “Fox Animated” channel, featuring their wide breadth of animated programs from throughout the years, but ponder this…if you do the math of how many episodes of The Simpsons have aired over the years (not including the episodes still to come), they could air episodes of the show 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and not rerun an episode for eleven days.  I don’t know of another show that could pull that off.

What do YOU think? Could a Simpsons network work? Or would it be too much for our favorite family from Springfield? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Slice of SciFi.


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  1. seandehey seandehey September 22, 2011

    with 727 episodes across all the various series (thank you memory alpha), a star trek network could run sequentially for thirty days before going back to the cage. tng, ds9, and voyager would run a week each, one day per season, with tos, tas, and enterprise on either end. add in eleven movies and all kinds of documentaries, shatner’s various shows, those radio stage plays with nimoy and de lancie, gene roddenberry’s andromeda and earth final conflict, etc, you could run that out to a block of tng/ds9/voy every night that repeats every seven months. it’d be like g4 if g4 was still about nerdy stuff and not mostly reruns of cops.

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