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More Gallery1988 Awesomeness: The 3G Show

I swear, there are just some things that make me think I’m on the wrong coast.  Sure, I love being so close to DC, Philadelphia and New York, and the great opportunities for arts, music, performances and film that my location allows, but some days, I really wish I were in California.

Today, it’s once again due to the amazing art shows showcased at Gallery 1988.  Fresh off of the amazing Crazy 4 Cult 4, they’re teaming up with the Autumn Society for The 3G Show.

What’s the 3G about? Why the three eighties staples – Gremlins, Ghostbusters and Goonies!

There is going to be a ton of great art to be showcased at this event, and there’s really no other way to showcase it than by letting you see it. So I’ve included probably the biggest gallery ever in this post.  Go forth after the break and enjoy!

What’s my personal favorite of the show? That “Mogwai” LP is amazing, hands down. Although, Ghostbusters street sign is super classy. I think I’d want a tin version of that for my wall.

The show opens on September 3rd in LA, and goes through September 22nd.

Source: /Film.


  1. peter peter August 17, 2010

    great blog! thank you so much for the kind words! this is going to be an exciting show!

    • Marty Day Marty Day August 17, 2010

      Hey Peter! Thanks for stopping by the blog! I absolutely love the Mogwai piece, it’s amazing work. Best of luck with the show, sorry I can’t be there myself.

  2. peter peter August 17, 2010

    oh Marty it kills me but i won’t be able to make the show either

    i’m a fan of Blast-o-Rama, so your kind words mean a huge deal to me. i’ll try to keep it up! thanks again and talk to you soon!

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