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New WONDER WOMAN Costume Has Me Thinking It’s The 90s Again

As part of the big push for this year’s issue 600 of Wonder Woman, spearheaded by comic and screen scribe J. Michael Straczynski, DC Comics is pulling out all the stops, a new status quo, a major storyline, and of course – everyone’s favorite: a new costume.

Designed by DC Entertainment creative head Jim Lee, it’s a nice thought, but let’s be honest – this new look feels like it came straight out of a comic from the 90s.  Which I suppose makes sense, given that Lee’s prime era was the 1990s…but seriously, this looks stupid.

I know that DC wants to push Wonder Woman as the third part of their “Trinity”, made up of her, Batman and Superman…but the character really doesn’t have the weight to be the third part of these heavy hitters.  Her origins aren’t as clear, the character not as relatable…and while I understand their want for a strong female role model, is one who was originally designed as an S&M fantasy really the positive choice?

Either way, we’ll soon know if it works for DC, as this story is all over the web, letting you know that JMS’s run on Wonder Woman begins with issue #600, hitting stores tomorrow.

Source:  ComicsAlliance.