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From the response I’ve heard in real life and in the comments here, the Tim Burton remake of Alice in Wonderland is quite the point of contention.

Personally, I’ve been pretty intrigued to see how the flick goes, as I think Burton’s sense of visual style will make the film rise above the traditional remake blues.

Well, today, Disney has released a new trailer for the film, which will be seen in 3D, attached to Avatar this weekend.  So, based on that, you can pretty much figure this trailer pushes the visuals as the main draw.

And oh man, are they ever amazing.  Do yourself a favor, if your computer supports it, check this one out in HD.  Stunning stunning stuff.

But can it make up for the pre-release backlash from fans?  We’ll find out when Alice in Wonderland hits on March 5, 2010.

YouTube – Alice in Wonderland – New Official Full Trailer (HQ).