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Horrible Pirate Signal Interrupts The Emmys

Last night, in the middle of the broadcast of the 61st Annual Primetime Emmys, known supervillain/blogger Dr. Horrible interrupted the broadcast to taunt television viewers on the death of their given format and the rise of the internet as a broadcast platform.

Thanks to the magic of said intertubes, we now have video of his message of hate (along with some surprise guests), appearing above.

In all seriousness though, this was just one part of a very fun Emmys broadcast, the enjoyment of which was almost entirely at the hands of host Neil Patrick Harris and announcer John Hodgman, who added humor and gravitas to what is typically another bloated awards show.  Here’s hoping they’re both brought back for 2010.

Oh, and given that I’m already a drooling fanboy for it on here…


Original Post: YouTube – Dr Horrible on the Emmys.